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AR Virtual TRY-ON

Give to your clients an immersive shop experience with one of the most realistic virtual try-on for glasses on the market. Fast, easy and powerful. 

ARShades is an incredible set of tools and solution for boosting your glasses sales at home, in store and at your shop window.   


Put your glasses on new clients

Amazing Tool for your business

Super fast

No card, no steps and movements required, no minutes to waits. Just watch your glasses on straight away. Open the app, select your shades or glasses and rock on!

Super real

No trembling texture or wicked models. Our high-quality renders and 3D models will highlight the full potential of your products.

Super easy

Super easy to use. Super ready for your brand design. No funny buttons, no frivolous scenes. Our clean and smooth design can be easily applied to your brand. White label ready.


Best Fit

Our aim is to present realistic frames for your client to evaluate glasses best fit and fitness with your face type.

Predictive frames selection

What if your clients are presented with the right frames and shades? We're developing AI technology to predict what kind of glasses your clients might love at first sight.

Advance Analytics

ARShades comes with a personal dashboard showing deep insights of which models, colours, shades your clients try-on e others useful statistics to get the most out the ARShades app.

Try Arshades app now

Test it on your phone / tablet

In store

ARShades Mirror Solution

Arshades is a perfect solution also in store. 

Have customers select your frames in store = Less shop work, more safety, better shopping experience. 

Or attract more customers with your shop window by putting glasses on passers-by. Our engaging arshades flow will capture new leads both off-line and on-line.

At Home

ARShades App

Engage your customers at home and convert with online purchases.

ARShades is the best way to make your products widely known. We can brand it for you and customize it with the functions you need to sell more.

ARShades can also operate as a shadow app to be invoked from a button in your e-commerce web product and can bring your customer back to your website / cart.   


ARShades E-commerce solutions

Not enough? Need to build a new world around our virtual try-on technology? We can definitely help you, building your own new ecommerce website or your own brand mobile application working smoothly with ARShades. Not hesitate to contact us.

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Got no 3d models yet or not happy about the old ones?

 We at Spaarkly create high resolution and accurate 3D frame models designed for virtual engaging experiences.

Also need a 3d / AR viewer?