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Augmented value for your prints

Whether you look for a striking business card for your company or to supply your customers with extra information about your event / business or you’re looking for presenting more content about yourself in a brochure / book / flyer / menu / etc., our Augmented Cards are the perfect solution to what you’ve missed till now. 

Add more layers to all you print

More personal branding

Augmented cards are all about providing a notable experience to impress and being remembered. It's a new interaction mode, more fun and handy than "Please visit my website". Our AR card are adjustable to your needs and your targets any time.

More customer engagement

Also a practical and quick way to engage your customers and partners by providing them with more accurate, updated content. More easy and fun access to content, more actions for your customers to take, more engagement. Your prints will less likely to be tossed away.

Play the right cards

Update the content do not reprint your cards

Augmented cards will allow you to change the way you present yourself, your products or your events, as many times as you want.

No need to reprint a business card or a sign. Just updated the new information or content or even change the AR template.    

Augmented Cards examples

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spaarkly bussinessCard

Augmented Bussiness Cards

No more anonymous business cards! With Augmented Cards you can create your interactive paper profile in just a few minutes to impress and be remembered more easily.

WeAr Michele


Augment your posters, signboard, signs, flyiers, you name it ! With the Augmented Cards you can create your interactive poster in just a few minutes to make your client save the date, the venue, buy tickets or access to promotion code or even hidden content. 


Create Augmented Cards

Upload your design and info

Fill the form below to provide us with image file of your printed cards. 

Define how many targets you want to augment. 

A target is a single portion of the printed card where the AR experience is placed. In case of a business card for instance you can select one side as a sigle target or choose to have two targets one per side. 

Custom your AR layers with the information and interactive content you like. Place your order. 

If you need support in filling the form correctly or for any other issue / requests do not hesitate in contact us below.


Get the qrcode and preview

Depending on the number of targets you choose will send you a qrcode and a preview of your Augmented cards in 2 – 5 days. For more of 4 target will send you a detailed preview schedule.

You can submit up 2 reviews for each target.  


Print your cards

Soon after your submitted reviews we’ll publish online your augmented card. You can print your cards and let the experience begin. 

Whenever you need you can update your card at a special price.  




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