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We litteraly add layers to your business

Creating mobile and desktop app using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies with face recognition framework.

Developing Social Media AR filters.  

Creating 3d visualisation  – 3d / 2d models – 3d scene.

Filters   { Social Media AR

we design solutions for innovative products


We engage your audience

Social Media AR offers an amazing opportunity for digital interaction with your brand. We can bring your brand to life in an Instagram, Facebook or straight in your e-commerce app engaging your audience with something exciting to share.

Dive in Spaarkly AR Filters

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2D / 3D Products

Test our 3D / AR viewer

3D Visualisation

We bring your product to life

Creating your 3D products, 3D object models and scenes, setting visual effects, developing UI/UX design, creating 2D/3D animations.

Deep in 3D AR Viewer

Read more about how you can show your products in a shiny, glorious, customisable 3D visualisation.

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eyewear  AR solutions

Meet ARShades virtual try-on app and mirror

We develop 

we design solutions for innovative products

E-commerce app

We keep it nice and clean

...always looking for the most sustainable solution for our clients. We create great looking apps ready for your future developments through various libraries, frameworks, and SDK for the best app functionality.

Fashion and listings apps

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